Our People

Yiska Deliefa Kesauly

As a drilling engineer, I interested to join INPEX because Masela is a great challenge from drilling perspective, known as a high rate gas field located in deep water environment and remote area. At that time, the preparation for 4th drilling campaign was about to start and I want to get fully involved from the beginning of this drilling project. I believed that Masela drilling project will bring a valuable knowledge and experiences.

At INPEX, generally I am in charge for preparing well design, drilling program, providing well cost estimation and also preparing contract and procurement strategy. During drilling operations, my responsibilities are to provide progress monitoring and give input of improvement area, if any. I also ever worked as site drilling engineer to monitor the drilling execution closely on scheduled basis.

Since I joined in 2012, I found how INPEX have become more embedded on safety culture in particular which able to provide safe working environment. I have also observed that INPEX employee who come from different cultures and backgrounds can collaborate and work together and make a friendly working environment.

I am proud to be part of Masela Project for the last 7 years and have seen how INPEX has been committing to run this project.

I will encourage anyone who currently considering to join with INPEX because I can really feel all the INPEX family respect the Company Values which called as SIDIC (Safety, Integrity, Diversity, Ingenuity and Collaboration) that make this Company is not only a safe working environment but also make a place where people are happy to work.