Our People


Having noticed that INPEX will develop a first giant upstream project in a near future, I realized that the opportunity to become part of the team in developing the project from the start was such a rare and unique moment. I was keen to learn lot of new things and I felt that this company can positively accommodate my intention.

I was working as public accountant previously who was lacked of knowledge about oil & gas industry, and because of various roles and responsibilities which I got in here, my technical competencies are highly improved. My past experience as an auditor has given me such precious opportunity to get involve in special assignments for non-operated (partner) audit with a member from Tokyo and Perth in the one of INPEX Australia's project. This is a great experience that has enabled me to boost my skills and competencies with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects. It has been exciting to work here for 10 years and be part of the company’s constant growth. INPEX offers many growth and development opportunities and I am so blessed that I have gained worthwhile exposures from several assignments.

Working at INPEX is a great pleasure for me. The positive atmosphere at INPEX is noticeable at all levels. People smile, amiable, genuine and willing to help. The working environment is fabulous and "respect" each other is the most suitable word to express this; the management unhesitant to listen the opinions from employees and the colleagues are swiftly adapted in a team collaboration for the success of project development. My seniors and colleagues are very organized and easy to work with. Quality work and learning opportunities are consistently maintained. A simple thing but indeed valuable is, a 'work-life balance' is not just for words, but we do exercise it in here, and that's what I believe make us always enjoy to do our works.

At INPEX, there are no limitations for growth and development. We have diverse group of people that are generous in sharing their skills and knowledge of the industry. This is exactly the working environment in which people can develop and make a difference. The experience of collaborating within a team will be exciting, not only because of the high-quality activities, but also due to the learning and development process in between.