Career, Compensation and Benefits

Career at INPEX

INPEX applies two types of position: professional ladder and leader positions. Professional Ladder position offers opportunity to gain movement of her/his career for the incumbent within its position titles with a wide range of job grades, while the leader position is one of position series that entitled to gain movement of her/his career to higher position titles based on a structural hierarchy.

INPEX will provide development opportunities, programs and other experiences likely to increase the employee capabilities to enhance their performance in their current roles and prepare them for future roles.

INPEX provides development program to enhance employees’ capability:


Training Program
INPEX offers public training and in-house training program designed to help employees to achieve their required competencies. 

Formal Education Assistance
INPEX supports employees who wish to undertake formal university study with scholarship and awards, which are available to assist employees with professional development opportunities.

Mentoring program in INPEX provide teaching, counseling, and psychological support and motivation for employees to have clear understanding on their career plan and help to increase capability and personal growth.

INPEX offers shadowing program to increase employee’s capability by observing skilled job performance in the workplace from experience employee.

Job Rotation
The employees are supported to gain additional experience and skills, often making jobs more rewarding and offering new challenges. 

Secondments provide employees with opportunities to work in different areas. 

Job Enrichment
Job Enrichment in INPEX can increase the skill requirements associated with the job and thus provides greater opportunities for personal development.  

Compensation and Benefits

Recruitment Process

The recruitment primary objective is to get and deliver the right people, in the right roles, at the right time. Therefore all recruitment efforts are aimed at striving for the successful hiring of the best talents with the most suitable skills, knowledge, and behaviors for the organization. INPEX recruitment process consists of several steps that should be followed by all candidates.



Paper Review
HR recruitment coordinating with User Department review candidates’ profile based on the job and technical requirements. 

A series of tests conducted to measure candidates’ capability  to perform in working related activity, how fit the candidates to company’s culture and values, candidates’ English proficiency, candidates’ leadership skill.

HR recruitment together with User Department to meet the shortlisted candidate to gathering more information regarding candidates’ qualification and select the one(s) who meet all the requirements.

Medical Check Up
Medical Check Up Test is required to be conducted for all types of positions to ensure candidates’ fitness to work in office based or site based, depends on the position characteristic.

Job Offer 
Job Offer is the process where INPEX Masela inform selected candidate regarding the position and also the rewards and benefit.

On Board
HR recruitment will conduct Onboarding and Induction Program for all new hires to equip them with the necessities on his/her first day in INPEX and to ensure all new hires are effectively and efficiently introduced to the relevant policies, systems and processes of INPEX Masela. 

How to Apply

Register Your Account
Before you apply for a vacant position, you should have an account for login into the system. Please click here to register an account.
Please complete the registration form using your valid and latest information.
System will send you an email containing activation link to your registered email.
Please activate your email by clicking the link provided.
After successfully activated your account, you will be able to use the email and password for logging to the career website and submit your job application.
Complete Your Resume
Please Sign In using your registered email and password.
Please go to My Resume tab to complete all of mandatory information, then click "Save".
You are allowed to apply into specific position if you have already completed and saved all mandatory information as required in your resume.
Apply Position
Please go to “Find Your Fit” and find the Job Openings to search for position which match with your qualification and interest.
Click on the targeted position to get more detail information regarding the job and responsibilities, and click "Apply" if you are willing to apply for those specific position.