Our People

Puri Minari

Before I joined INPEX, I have more than 12 years' experience in various fields, such as government relation, social and environmental for Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Plant and Infrastructure Projects. My main consideration to join INPEX was to be part of the biggest Oil and Gas Company in Japan and growing together with them. INPEX has clear goal to become a leading energy company and pay attention to contribute and support the community development. I also perceived that my extensive knowledge of the International requirements on social & environment (ESIA) would be an added value for INPEX who will seek for the project financing.   

My roles and responsibilities are to manage land acquisition initiatives/program and social performance, to oversee the social investment program implementation especially to the community who impacted by the project activities. The most interesting part of my job is that we can support and contribute to the sustainable development goals of the communities and country in which INPEX operates through social investment.

The best part of working at INPEX in my perspectives are related to diversity and career development. I experienced working together with people from diverse background, such as national and expatriates employee at Jakarta office, also local communities in Maluku. With SIDIC value embedded in each employee, it made everyone respect each other in doing their works to achieve Company goals. In addition, formerly the senior positions at INPEX was rarely occupied by female employee, but nowadays I found this situation has changed where the number of female employee in the senior positions, who play important and significant roles gradually increasing.

In regards to career development, I feel that INPEX concern to their employee’s skills and competencies.  As a newcomer from non-Oil and Gas Industry, they have provided me with series of introduction training which included Oil & Gas basic fundamental concept. Furthermore, my skills and knowledge were also developed through the direct experience here.