Our People

Labiba Alatas

I joined INPEX in 1994 as INPEX hold interest in many major working areas in Indonesia, such as: Mahakam & Attaka, Offshore North Java Sea, South East Sumatera, East Kalimantan, etc. Though INPEX was acting as Non-operator Company but its portfolio was secured and engaged in well-balanced business operations, so I believed that INPEX would be a great place to work.

As of my career journey in INPEX, I held several positions in Finance Department from the beginning until now. Starting from Accountant, then promoted into Senior Accountant, Finance Services Supervisor, Tax & Compliance Manager, Project Reporting Manager, External Reporting Manager, Audit & Joint Venture Manager, and now I act as Finance Senior Manager.

On my current role in senior managerial position of Finance Department which covering Financial & Management Accounting, Financial Reporting, Taxation, Audit & Joint Venture area, I have to meet and liaise with various people from internal and external stakeholder, such as: Government of Indonesia Institutions, Joint Ventures Partners, etc. This is very interesting because it allows me to build good relationship and business networking for knowledge development. This is not as easy as we would imagine – for me, it is a form of art which provides many challenges.

INPEX is a good place to work with good people within. All employees feel like a family, respect each other, have good team spirit, very multicultural but still keep the excellent work and life balance. Moreover, I believe that INPEX with its mega project called MASELA that currently in the developing phase, can offer a lot of career opportunities & developments to the employees. So, don't missed it!