Our People

Henry Banjarnahor

I started my career in INPEX as Junior Geologist, then gradually promoted in the same field into several positions such as Geologist, Head of Exploration Administration, and currently hold the position of Senior Manager Asset Support. In addition to the current position, I am also acting as Manager for Babar Selaru Department, an exploration operatorship project in Arafura Sea of Indonesia.

During my career with INPEX, there is no doubt that the Company has been providing competencies development through various opportunities to develop and enhance both technical and non-technical skill. I also believe that Company provides similar support to other employees.

As a Geologist, I found my job and career in INPEX is very interesting since INPEX works in many basins across Indonesia, so I have the opportunity to learn and explore the petroleum geology of those basins. In addition to that, those multi projects allowed me to interact with various projects’ stages (acquisition, exploration, development, production and divestment as well), and meet many E&P colleagues from various companies as Joint Ventures. This is also one of the reason why I have been with INPEX since 1993 until now.

INPEX with its business activities spreading across Indonesia has become great challenge for me and my colleagues as we have to master any required skills and knowledge for running our assignment successfully. However, with those kind of situation, I personally see it as a huge advantage for me so that I was able to get the exposure to explore the basins with diverse and interesting characteristics. It might be rare opportunity where not everyone can get.

INPEX provides promising and big opportunity with its reserve owned. Supported by efficient resource allocation, all parties will certainly be directly involved and get a lot of valuable exposures. Especially for young generation who have opportunity to grow together with the culture and work with INPEX way from now will eventually occupy the future strategic positions in the Company.