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Superintendent Project Contract & Procurement
Job Code : T20190300003
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Supply Chain Management
Type : Current Period


  • Coordinating, monitoring, and developing procurement plan for Masela Abadi project based on the project requirement as well as identifying change plan and controlling the impact on procurement plan and execution.

  • Coordinating and monitoring the accomplishment of tender plan package for Masela Abadi Project; managing the bidding process to be in-line with procurement strategy and target and giving proper response on exceptions in order to ensure the project procurement process achieve excellent compliance with the prevailing SKK Migas procurement guidelines and Company’s policies.

  • Obtaining SKK Migas approval on Masela Abadi project procurement which value above US$5 million; evaluating the tender plan package and bid award package are completed and approved on time.

  • Managing administration fulfillment of contract implementation for Masela Abadi project to ensure contract are covered by valid Performance Bonds and Valid Insurance policies.

  • Coordinating with HSSE department, to assure that bidders for medium and high risk work services are certified in accordance with SKK Migas HSE guideline as well as Company’s policy and procedures.



  • Bachelor degree in any discipline.

  • 13 years working experiences in oil and gas industry, with minimum of 10 years in project contract / procurement activities.

Any Discipline

Posting Date : 21 March 2019

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