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Senior Specialist IFC & AMDAL Compliance
Job Code : T20190900014
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Health Safety Security Environment & Sustainabilit
Type : Current Period


  • Facilitate AMDAL environmental and social baseline surveys to understand the Project area’s environment and social status and produce baseline survey report.  Monitor the changes in the Project area and align with AMDAL process for management and monitoring plan.
  • Coordinate the AMDAL public consultation, IFC Focus Group Discussion, Impact assessment, and disclosure to inform the impact assessment to relevant stakeholders of project. 
  • Facilitate the mitigation measures based on the impact assessment; Coordinate management plans to implement the mitigation measures, and; Coordinate the monitoring plans to evaluate the performance of mitigation measures, including improvement plan. 
  • Coordinate lenders’ due diligence on the ESMS and revise it based on recommendations from the lenders.
  • Manage and monitor the ESMS.



  • Bachelor degree in Environment or Engineering related discipline.  Advanced degree majoring in Finance or Business is preferred
  • A minimum of 10 years with at least 8 years in the Oil and Gas industry in the function of funding operations and HSSE             
  • Certification:
    • Certified AMDAL-A at the minimum
    • ISO 14001 is preference
  • Mandatory Training:
    • HSSE Mandatory trainings
Industrial Hygiene

Occupational and Public Health

Natural Science

Environmental Engineering

Safety & Health Engineering

Finance Management

Engineering - Petroleum

Environmental Management

Posting Date : 23 September 2019

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