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Senior Specialist Budget Controller
Job Code : T20240300009
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Project Support
Type : Current Period


  • Compile and prepare initial and revised WP&B and AFE development; Coordinate and collaborate with project management teams and budget owners to discuss and recommend  project WP&B in order to ensure the availability of WP&B for Abadi project activities;
  • Prepare and recommend WP&B and AFE discussion strategy with stakeholders; Review and analyze project WP&B and AFE discussion process; Provide expertise on WP&B and AFE negotiation process and also recommend solution if any challenge arise during WP&B and AFE discussion to ensure the smooth process of discussing WP&B and AFE in a timely manner;
  • Monitor and review WP&B and AFE realization; Identify and analyze the needs to revise WP&B and AFE; Assist and support budget owner on preparing revise budget/AFE with related data and information; Compile and recommend budget / AFE revision to ensure adequate budget / AFE for supporting Abadi project;
  • Assist and support AFE close out process; Identify and inform which AFE Close out to be submitted. Analyze, coordinate and prepare data and report for AFE Close out discussion to ensure the timeliness of the discussion and the completeness of AFE data Close out;
  • Analyze and develop procedures and guidelines for WP&B, AFE, and Budget Control process for INPEX Indonesia in order to ensure the availability of standards for the preparation of WP&B, AFE and budget as a reference and for the process to run efficiently.
  • Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum 10 years work experiences in oil & gas industry and having experience in PSC Company.
All Engineering

Posting Date : 02 March 2024

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