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Senior Engineer Operation Contract
Job Code : T20190300002
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Supply Chain Management
Type : Current Period


  • Assisting non-project department with administration works related to procurement process, starting from developing annual procurement plan until contract close out within the time frame as well as ensuring the compliance with SKK Migas guidelines, other related government regulations, and Company’s policies and procedures.

  • Evaluating the completion of tender documents in order to obtain best price and services from the qualified bidders; preparing response on bidder’s inquiries (tender bulletin) in timely manner; involve in negotiation with the prospective bidders.

  • Evaluating administrative matter to support non-project department, such as correspondences, minutes of meeting with supplier / contractor during PO / contract execution to ensure availability of variation order along with its justification is approved by the authorized official and SKK Migas if needed.

  • Liaising with non-project department to provide required justifications and explanations on the issued procurement document during procurement audit program in order to optimize cost recovery of materials / services contract for Abadi Project.



  • Bachelor degree in Engineering.

  • 10 years working experiences in oil and gas industry, with minimum of 5 years in Supply Chain Management activities.

All Engineering

Posting Date : 21 March 2019

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