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Senior Engineer Onshore LNG Material & Corrosion
Job Code : T20240500015
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Technical Integration
Type : Current Period


  • Review, evaluate and advise material selection and corrosion management for OLNG; Develop and recommend material selection and corrosion mitigation objective, plan, and strategy;  Provide material and corrosion discipline support and recommendation the Select and Define phases in the delivery of modifications and projects for INPEX Indonesia project (including policy and procedures, administration, documentations) in order to ensure available basis for design and project specification, guidelines of material and corrosion for OLNG in INPEX Indonesia Project;
  • Develop and recommend material specifications and standards for OLNG INPEX Indonesia project; Compile, review and advice related department related to material specification based on project plan and strategy as well as company material standard; Assist and support related department regarding material selection for their project to ensure material selection and corrosion specification and standard are understood and accepted by related department and are properly documented for future reference;
  • Monitor and review material and corrosion management system implementation in OLNG project activities; Assist the identify & assess phase in the delivery of modifications and projects; Provide material and corrosion discipline input as required into initial scoping and business case development; Coordinate and support related engineering department; provide solution on any issues and emerging problems;  to ensure that material selection and corrosion management strategies for oil and gas facilities will provide technical integrity during the projected life cycle and meet determined quality and standards;
  • Review and conduct material and corrosion inspections/audit in INPEX Indonesia project area including relevant manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and materials testing laboratories as planned and impromptu; Monitor and evaluate their compliance with material specification and standard; Analyze and review HSSE matters are given due consideration in the selection of materials and the corrosion mitigation strategy; Evaluate inspection/audit findings as well as necessary corrective action to ensure material selection and Contractors compliance with HSSE Management System standards;
  • Provide technical review and evaluation on material and corrosion tenders for OLNG project; Verify, analyze and evaluate contractors material selection to tender proposal submitted by prospective Contractors/Vendors, provide recommendations to ensure materials selected for INPEX Indonesia project comply and according to project and International standards and specifications;
  • Review, analyze and evaluate application of new technology in material and corrosion; Conduct, review and recommend studies on  material Selection and corrosion studies, cathodic protection, painting and coating, insulation related specification; calculate and establish report regarding corrosion rate and corrosion risk; Expand the use of currently used materials where practical to reduce costs and risk of failure. Review, analyze and monitor risk management for material and corrosion management in coordination with related Departments and Groups develop and propose risk assessment method based on technical standards (DEP); in order to ensure availability of reliable risk assessment method and  support material and corrosion management system.


  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or Technical Science. Advanced degree in the above is Preferable.
  • Minimum 10 years in the oil and gas industry. Material and Corrosion experiences are required.
All Engineering

Posting Date : 11 May 2024

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