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Job Code : T20201000036
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Finance
Type : Current Period


  • Develop and propose financial plan based on Company business target and plan, short term (dairy) and middle term (weekly) cash flow (cash-in/cash-out) forecast, monitor cash flow status and provide recommendations, expertise, and knowledge in controlling cost expenditures and idle fund; to ensure availability of financial planning.
  • Monitor and review accounting system for payment request, verify submitted document completeness and approval need; review account payable (A/P) aging schedule and perform payment disbursement to the third party, employees, inter-company and ventures in timely manner; inform any issues of payment process to related parties; to ensure payment process comply with Company policy and procedures.
  • Monitor and control petty cash and cash in bank in appropriate manner, prepare petty cash transactions daily report and ensure the balance of daily basis against accounting data and statement.
  • Review, analyze, and monitor cash position or cash flow; available fund status and Cash Call or invest the surplus fund in time deposit or other  investment products based on finance standards, policy and procedures; prepare internal and external finance report for cash position/cash flow; to optimize cash flow utilization.
  • Coordinate and monitor administration of opening / closing of bank accounts and maintain electric banking system and control its pass word and/or key cards in appropriate and safety manner; coordinate and monitor administration of petty cash in safety box and company vault; in order to  ensure funds security is applied in line with proper procedures.



  • Bachelor degree in Finance, Accounting, or Banking.
  • Having working experience 2-5 years in the Banking industry or related field.

Finance & Accounting


Finance Management

Posting Date : 14 November 2020

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