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Job Code : T20200100027
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Technical Integration
Type : Current Period


  • Define operation and maintenance requirements and functionalities to be incorporated into facility design.

  • Develop inspection and maintenance plan that provides how appropriate preparation is made to ensure inspection and maintenance requirements are captured for smooth handover from Project.

  • Create information management plan which defines information management requirements for operation such as real time data gathering, access to engineering and supplier data, historical production data, inspection data.

  • Monitor and review RAM facilities operation best practices for product delivery related to LNG and Condensate production system.

  • Review and evaluate technical aspects on any change and/or deviation of Reliability and Maintainability facilities operation that are occurred in the each of FEED/EPCI phases, its impact to facilities performance, inspection interval, inspection duration; provide technical justification and recommendation related to those aspects based on safety and environment considerations, deep analysis, and engineering philosophy/principles.

  • Review, monitor and evaluate RAM facilities operation in the each of FEED/EPCI phases according to determined and agreed standards.

  • Develop, propose, and evaluate management system (CMMS) in facilities operation consisting of philosophy, objective, policy, procedures, and other requirement according to standard, socialize the inspection and maintenance build and technical integration management system to related Parties and monitor its implementation by Company and/or by Contractors (Third Parties).

  • Create/propose early identification and tracking system and tools for all reliability and maintenance program to be consistent with RAM assumption; develop, monitor and evaluate database of production system (Inspection, base line data, maintenance program), maintain and record data, information, and documentation related to any deviation occurrence both in Company and in Contractors.

  • In coordination with other Group, provide advanced expertise and knowledge to select study, its methods, and conduct specific studies and researches previous and after FEED and EPCI including technical interface, technical integration, RAM integration, and others.



  • Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • A minimum of 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry and a minimum of 8 years in the area of Reliability/ Availability Modelling studies.

Engineering - Mechanical

Posting Date : 11 January 2020

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