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Manager Social Performance & Land Acquisition
Job Code : T20231200011
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Communication & Relations
Type : Current Period
  • Develop social investment and social performance planning and strategy, initiatives and programs; Conduct, analyze and evaluate social program/community development monitoring, need and risk assessment, international standards related to social aspects, local stakeholders mapping, study result in order to ensure developed social investment initiatives and program match to local community needs, company strategic purpose and developed social performance initiatives and programs meet requirement of international standards;
  • Coordinate and lead team to fulfill the requirement of international standards in social aspect and/or non-technical aspects and related study such as Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) as a part of International Finance Corporation (IFC) or other study; provide direction in developing social initiatives and programs as a part of the standards requirement; evaluate study progress to ensure availability effective and efficient guidelines of social initiatives and programs selection;
  • Define, coordinate and monitor social and community development initiatives and programs determined in WP&B and in international standards; Develop land acquisition impact assessment and recommendation for mitigation measures through specific social program; Evaluate the initiatives and programs progress which include their impact to Company reputation and image, local stakeholders response and engagement management, local community socioeconomics-environment-politics empowerment, and other Company strategic purpose to ensure multi-stakeholders acceptance on Company projects and activities, and implemented social and community development achieve the target effectively and efficiently;
  • Develop and maintain good relationship and partnership management with local stakeholders such as local Governments’ key person(s), local university, local foundations, other local institutions and local community organization; develop and propose cooperation programs that have good impact among Parties; create effective warning system that enable INPEX Management to take prompt and effective decisions and actions;
  • Oversee a consultant (contractor) undertaking study/ work on Land Acquisition Process in compliance with GOI regulations and the IFC Performance Standard via thorough social impact assessment in order to manage and mitigate the possible adverse impacts on communities as result of project-related land acquisition and restrictions on land use; Review study/ work proposals and provide inputs and recommendations. Managing land acquisition planning, strategy and implementation to obtain clearance and rights-of-way for Abadi project needs;
  • Coordinate and lead regular reporting process to fulfill international standards requirement; monitor and evaluate the audit process related to social and environment from international standards body/lender/financial institution; and coordinate audit result and corrective action needed if any; in order to fulfill social and environment requirement of international standards properly.
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline
  • Minimum 15 years of experiences with 10 years in Oil & Gas or Mining industry
Any Discipline

Posting Date : 10 December 2023

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