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Manager Gas & Oil Planning
Job Code : T20231200026
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Gas & Oil Commercial
Type : Current Period
  • Develop strategy and plan for operations planning and supply chain optimization; Control and monitor implementation of sales contracts and transport schedule to ensure gas and crude oil operation and supply chain optimization is properly handled effectively and efficiently;
  • Manage and evaluate current domestic and international gas & oil market condition consisting of gas and crude oil supply and demand, fluctuation of gas and crude oil price standards determined by international body, economic, business, industry and politics climate as well as their impact to gas and crude oil sales and marketing;
  • Lead team to identify any issues, updates and maintain integrated operations planning, lifting/shipping programming and detailed schedule; Lead team to develop planning task, duration, logic and proactively engages with related departments in order to resolve any issues in operations planning, lifting/shipping programming and schedule;
  • Plan and direct gas and crude oil (including LNG/ Gas/ Condensate) sales and transportation contract development process and implementation; Advise and recommend related to contract regarding to the delivery, invoicing and/or collection of revenue; Monitor and review sales and transportation contract implementation; Lead and manage team to reduce/minimize dispute of contract implementation in order to ensure optimization of sales and transportation contract;
  • Manage the Gas & Oil Planning / Transportation team in structuring budget/expenditure and providing long term strategy.
  • Bachelor in Engineering/ Technical Science, Marketing, Finance, Law, Economics or any related disciplines. Tertiary degree in any major is preferred.
  • A minimum of 15 years work experiences.
Any Discipline

Posting Date : 10 December 2023

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