Job Details

Manager – HR
Job Code : T20181000023
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Human Resources & General Services
Type : Current Period

Job Purposes:

Manage and lead Organization Design & Development activities, in (i) ensuring and improving establishment of Organization Design and Development aligned with company vision and mission, Career Development Management,  Job Administration (Job Description, Job Analysis & Job Evaluation), Employee Performance Management System (EPMS), Employee Competency Management, Talent Management, and Organization Effectiveness Programs (ii) establishing and monitoring these systems based on world-class organization practices, obtaining Top Management's approval, and acting as the champion for the initial kick-off and/or implementation, manage the development and implementation of Organization Development and recruitment policies & procedures, manage Organization Development budget in order to ensure well-arranged and cost effective.

Manage training and people development to increase employees’ competencies in fulfilling current and future position requirement and to provide excellent candidates in accordance with Company strategic plan and target as a part of succession planning program and continuous improvement of all employees, manage the development and implementation of training and people development policies & procedures, manage training and people development budget in order to ensure effective and efficient budget utilization.



  • Bachelor degree in any discipline.

  • Tertiary degree in Organization, Change Management or HR is preferred.

  • Minimum 15 years of experience.

Any Discipline

Posting Date : 03 October 2018

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