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Lead People Development
Job Code : T20231200053
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Human Resources & General Services
Type : Current Period
  • Monitor Company strategic plan in short term, middle term, and long term; coordinate the team to review current status of competency alignment to the Company strategic plan both competency as a position requirement and competency assessment result of employee; coordinate the team to develop and propose people development plan and program; in order to ensure availability of people development program and plan that align with Company strategic plan and target;
  • Coordinate, define and propose talent pool criteria such as high performer of employees based on employee performance appraisals result (EPMS), competency requirement in current and in future position, competency gap assessment, employee working experiences, specific skills, etc.; coordinate to screen employees according to the criteria; in order to ensure talent pool data updated and complete as an internal sources of candidates to fulfill Management/Company strategic plan;
  • Lead the team to prepare, propose and execute people development program for candidates in talent pool as a part of succession planning which consist of assignment in a position, individual development program (IDP), mentoring programs, leadership development programs, executive development, and others programs including mentoring, tutorial, OJT, training program and/or seminar/conference for Manager level and above; evaluate people development program effectiveness and the program impact to such employees; in order to ensure people development programs match to the need of Company succession planning;
  • Coordinate competency assessment programs conducted by determined third party or internal party, monitor assessment method implemented in the assessment process and review the assessment result; coordinate and monitor in updating employee competency database; in order to ensure competency assessment process meet Company quality standards and competency assessment result of determined employee is valid and update as a base of development program implementation or in fulfilling Management/Company plan;
  • Coordinate and monitor to develop and propose format and system of knowledge management, monitor and evaluate knowledge content submitted by individual employee to be uploaded in the system; coordinate and monitor to develop and propose sharing session programs for all departments; in order to ensure knowledge management and sharing session are in line with Company quality standards;
  • Coordinate to provide explanation of employee education support and other policy related to people development and procedures to such employee, to ensure education support policy and procedures are implemented properly and well-informed.
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline.
  • A minimum of 13 years experiences with minimum of 3 years experiences in oil & gas industry.
Any Discipline

Posting Date : 23 December 2023

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