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Lead Digital Infrastructure
Job Code : T20231200007
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Information Management & Technology
Type : Current Period
  • Lead and coordinate INPEX IMT Infrastructure and Telecommunication system, equipment and systems; Develop and define IMT Infrastructure and Telecommunication system, plan, strategy and development program; Monitor, evaluate and analysis infrastructure and equipment needs in INPEX; Monitor and analyze documentation of IMT & telecommunications infrastructure development in order to ensure availability of IMT infrastructure and equipment as well as their documentation that in line with company policy and procedures;
  • Design, develop and monitor IMT infrastructure within INPEX offices, site and across many different locations including IMT infrastructure for disaster backup recovery center for minimum IMT requirement to run company in crisis situation; Lead and coordinate to monitor and maintain IMT infrastructure service level and performances, technical standards, and maintenance programs both for records inventories and physical equipment; Define and monitor programs, policies and procedures to ensure continuous improvement of information technology services and maintain the integrity of system in order to support company business and strategy;
  • Direct and establish recommendations of IT Infrastructure and Telecommunication service level, technical standards and work processes; Coordinate, review and evaluate IT Infrastructure and Telecommunication services conducted by external parties(contractors, suppliers, and/or consultants); Review and evaluate service delivery trend data and follow up on action plan for business improvement opportunities in order to ensure IT Infrastructure and Telecommunications and contractors quality of service in line with determined quality standards;
  • Monitor and review records and ensure physical locations of all IT Infrastructure and Telecommunication system inventories (telecommunication: satellite, fiber optic, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Internet, VSAT, Telephony System, Field Communication, Radio Conventional, Radio Trunking, Phones, and any other main telecommunication media access); Lead and coordinate to maintain all systems related to internet and network in close coordination with related Groups, and monitor their performances in order to ensure all IT Infrastructure and Telecommunication system and equipment are maintained and recorded properly in line with Company policy, procedures, and quality standards;
  • Provide and review IT Infrastructure and Telecommunication policy, procedures, and standards including user manual and frequently answer and question (FAQ) and other IT Infrastructure and Telecommunication guidance; Deliver and evaluate training material and socialize telecommunication guidance to related parties through various media such as intranet, manual book, and others; to enhance telecommunication devices user-friendliness;
  • Consolidate and work together as one team with other persons in IMT to establish fit for purpose of IMT solution. Find any problem and seek its solution. Do necessary actions to solve any related problems and implementation of solution to be fit for purpose, on specified schedule within the budget.
  • Bachelor degree in Information & Technology and/ or any technical discipline.
  • Tertiary degree and/or any certification from prominent institution for system analysis is preferred.
  • A minimum of 13 years’ experience. Having experience in Oil and Gas Company/ Industry is preferred.
Any Discipline

Posting Date : 10 December 2023

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