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Specialist Supply Chain Management Business Process & Tender Management
Job Code : T20231200014
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Supply Chain Management
Type : Current Period
  • Develop, maintain and improve standard, procedures and guidelines related to procurement process and contract management and provide advices in the field of procurement’s processes, system, and procedures on procurement matters to ensure all procurement process are complying with the prevailing Indonesian regulations, PTK 007, international good practices and Company policy and procedures;
  • Review, and explore new data sources and identify enhancements to current SCM business processes to keep updated information and continuous improvement in SCM business process;
  • In coordination with IMT Department, initiate digitalization of procurement process and contract management for goods and services, to support the effective and efficient of procurement process, as well as compliance with PTK 007, Company’s policy and procedure;
  • In coordination with Users Department and Logistics (Material Management Group), review Materials (Goods) consumption model and/or estimation, repeat order, moving classification of goods/materials (slow moving, medium moving, and fast moving) and other consumption characteristics; develop and recommend the best strategy in procurement plan for goods (material), procurement method, procurement strategy, bundling category, etc. (Note: Applicable during Drilling Program & Operations Stage);
  • Initiate analysis of User Department Procurement Plan for Services; develop List of Annual Procurement Plan / Procurement List as a base plan of procurement sourcing strategy, which will obtain best value for many as well as comply with PTK 007 and Company’s Policy;
  • Develop and ensure timely reporting to Management and stakeholders, including SKK Migas and business partners; Responsible for monitor KPIs related to procurement process as set up by SKK Migas;
  • Initiate and ensure all audit findings related to business process and procurement procedures are closed.
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline.
  • A minimum of 7 years’ experiences in Supply Chain management of PSC Company.
Any Discipline

Posting Date : 10 December 2023

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