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Job Code : T20200100001
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Gas & Oil Commercial
Type : Current Period


  • Review and analyze Company marketing and transportation target; review and analyze various data related to gas and crude oil market, and in coordination with Tokyo Head Quarters, provide recommendations and expertise in developing supply chain optimization, pricing strategy and gas and crude oil transportation strategy.

  • Review and analyze current domestic and international market condition consisting of supply and demand, fluctuation of price standards determined by international body, economic, business, industry and politics climate as well as their impact to marketing and transportation; develop and propose supply chain optimization and pricing strategy; in order to provide guidance and sufficient information in sales transactions. Provide recommendation in developing marketing and transportation formulation to attract customers and suppliers; to ensure availability of marketing and transportation formulation as initial offering to potential customers.

  • Conduct sourcing customers and suppliers including their characteristics; analyze data and information and identify competitors’ strength and weaknesses, other opportunity, and provide recommendation to attract customers and suppliers; to ensure available analysis results of potential customers and suppliers and other matters to increase marketing and transportation opportunities; in coordination with Tokyo Head Quarters, conduct activities to potential customers and suppliers; record activities and provide required documents in marketing process as well as finalizing transportation contracts; to ensure available potential customers and suppliers and marketing process meet Company policy and procedures.

  • Review and analyze marketing process, prepare transportation contract and supporting documents completeness; review and analyze potential risk related to transportation and its respective contract, involve in negotiation of terms and conditions in marketing process, and provide solutions if any arisen issues; to ensure sales contracts and supporting documents are accomplished within the timeframe and sales contract comply to Company policy and procedures and the prevailing rules and regulations.



  • Bachelor degree in any discipline.

  • 0 – 10 years’ experiences.

Any Discipline

Posting Date : 11 January 2020

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