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Job Code : P20191200001
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Supply Chain Management
Type : Current Period


  • Monitor and review SKK Migas rules and regulations related to local content, import-export of goods and equipment (master list) for oil and gas company and its Key Performance Indicator (KPI); Recommend and advice in developing local content strategy and National Capacity Building (NCB); and provide recommendations in interpreting the rules and regulations to ensure updated local content, NCB and formalities implementation in Company in complying SKK Migas and prevailing rules and regulations.
  • Coordinates with SKK Migas, Dirjen Migas, Customs, and/ or Third Party regarding importation of goods and equipment including those in bound/ out bound, and provide recommendations to services contractors related to import and re-export of goods and equipment by providing guideline and being a liaison to the government agency; to ensure proper handling and storage of all imported and re-exported goods and equipment.
  • Monitor, review, and verify local content commitment on each contracts & POs, either in collaboration with user department or through appointed third party in order to meet with KPI determined by SKK Migas, including monitoring of local content achievement by contractors; Collaborate with user department to apply penalty for suppliers/contractors in line with PTK 007.
  • Monitor third party which represent INPEX Indonesia in handling formalities document and third party which monitor local content realization; verify the validity and the contents of the invoices submitted by the third parties that are related to their services (formalities documents handling and local content monitoring) to ensure all invoices are valid and in line with the conditions and third party performances as per contract agreement.
  • Provide recommendations on development of local small/medium size suppliers and local content improvement program as part of the National Capacity Building (NCB) program, and keep updated on trends of local content development.
  • Coordinate and maintain close contact with department’s users and government agencies to ensure timely consideration and approval of import and re-export documents; provide recommendations to Management of the implication and ensures that new regulations are incorporated into company procedure and full cost recovery and tax deduction are obtained. 
  • Coordinate, monitor, and control in preparing required import/export documents and obtain approval in the proper time, provide solutions on documents approval issues, and expedites the process of material, equipment clearance from Customs, and other Government Agencies.
  • Generate and coordinate local content reporting and various reports of import-export realization regularly to stakeholders such as partners, Ditjen Migas, Custom, SKK MIGAS, and Management to ensure all reports are accurate and provided within the timeframe.



  • Bachelor degree in any discipline.
  • A minimum of 10 years with at least 8 years in the Oil and Gas industry or EPC Company.
  • Pedoman Tata Kerja No. 007 from SKK MIGAS certified (preferably).
  • Local Content certified (preferably).
Any Discipline

Posting Date : 07 December 2019

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