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Job Code : T20200100026
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Technical Integration
Type : Current Period


  • Identify the types of interfaces required with different business units/functions and develop interface management plan with identifying interfaces between functions and contractors.
  • Planning, identifying, documenting, scheduling, communicating, implementing, and monitoring interfaces between each projects in order to minimize conflicts between all parties involved.
  • Develop and implement a procedure to manage interfaces between contractors with proposing proper tools and requirement of probity, and record notes from formal interface meetings, maintain interface register and track interface issue to close properly.
  • Coordinates and supervise the process from the conceptual development stage through final construction/handing over, assuring the project is completed on time and within budget; Review Project Scope of work, Strategies, execution plan, Constructing Strategies, etc.
  • Evaluates and helps determine appropriate delivery systems and the most cost-effective plan and schedule for completing the project.
  • Managing interfaces across multiple work streams within the INPEX Project; Provide relevant expertise within the Project in the area of the Management and, coordination across the various teams for the Project.
  • Manage internal and external sources of information and interfaces according to the project scope and schedule; Represent the Project where appropriate to Contractor(s), consulting companies and service providers as appropriate to the needs of the work for all interface matters.
  • Coordinate the project interface team, development of the interface strategy, interface management plan, interface management procedure, and development of the supporting tools and systems.
  • Organize interfaces between INPEX Project Team and other Contractors and Clients are identified, documented and managed during all stages and phases of the project; Detailed engineering, fabrication, construction and commissioning, start-up, etc.
  • Monitor and ensure that the Company performs all interface activities in accordance with its obligations under the contract. Assist in identifying, documenting, and resolving interface activities of the project team between other Contractors and Clients during the detailed engineering, fabrication, and commissioning.



  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or any other Technical Sciences.
  • 10 years’ experience in Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities.
All Engineering

Posting Date : 11 January 2020

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