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Job Code : T20191200026
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Department : Human Resources & General Services
Type : Current Period


  • Monitor, review and analyze Government and SKK Migas rules and regulations related to compensation benefit, company compensation & benefit philosophy, policy & procedures, strategy; Analyze and evaluate internal factors (company policies, strategy, project); Develop and recommend Company compensation and benefit system align with rules and regulations, company policy and  affordability, to ensure Company compensation & benefit system comply with Government rules and regulations, Company compensation & benefit guidelines and support company activities.
  • Supervise and monitor implementation of Compensation and Benefit system implementation (salaries, allowance, benefit, and perquisites); Review and evaluate external factors (government rules regulation, market condition, oil & gas price, inflation rate, economic growth etc.); Provide expertise recommendation of Compensation and Benefit adjustment based on remuneration market analysis and Company affordability; to ensure Company’s Compensation and Benefit is competitive in market.
  • Analyze and review INPEX Indonesia Compensation and Benefit competitiveness; Initiate and recommend Compensation and benefit program based on company needs and activities in order to attain Company’s objective in attracting high qualified candidates, retain, and motivate existing good & high performer employees.
  • Coordinate, supervise and review HR&GS budget preparation for personnel cost, non-personnel cost (recruitment, training, social activities, Outsourcing, HR&GS Consultant) and General Services; Supervise the implementation of budget cycling in HR&GS department in planning, monitoring, evaluating, and revising; Prepare and recommend budget for Management approval in order to ensure budget calculation are valid, accurate in timely manner, align with guidelines rules & regulation and support company activities.
  • Coordinate the team to provide recommendations of job evaluation process and administration for new position and/or enrichment/enlargement roles and responsibilities of current position, slotting process into grading system and salary structure; in order to provide updated compensation and benefit system in accordance with Company policy and procedures.



  • Bachelor degree in any disciplines.
  • A minimum of 13 years of experiences with 8 years in Oil & Gas industry.
  • Certified Remuneration Professional.
Any Discipline

Posting Date : 07 December 2019

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