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Sr. Specialist - Survey

Job Code : T20170700021
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Departement : Front End Engineering
Type : Current Period

Job Purposes:

  • Develop detailed survey plan and schedule, to submit Survey budget as source of annual budget and AFE preparation within Project Team.
  • Manage Contractor’s work of surveys including geophysical, geotechnical, metocean surveys with pay attention on HSSE matters and project progress achieved.
  • Monitor survey work status and its interface plan to related Parties in order to ensure survey work progress meet plan and target according to agreed contract.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Develop detailed survey plan including geophysical, geotechnical, metocean surveys, and target according to Pre-FEED phase as guidelines; set survey schedule interface and integration to other Groups and Departments,
  2. Prepare updated budget and schedule for surveys as an input in annual budget and authorization for expenditures (AFE) to be submitted to SKK Migas; to ensure complete and accurate survey cost and project schedule submission
  3. Provide recommendation for technical point of view related to survey work contract(s) and evaluate terms and conditions
  4. Manage survey work in order with pay attention on HSSE matters and project progress achieved to ensure survey execution achieve the target and meet determined quality and standards. Ensure the delivery of survey reports from survey contractor. Provide survey data to the other team for the execution of Pre-FEED works.  

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or any other Technical Science.
  • A minimum of 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry and a minimum of 8 years in the area of Geophysical, Geotechnical and Metocean Survey work and interpretation.



Surveying Sciences
All Engineering

Posting Date : 08 July 2017


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