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Sr. Manager - HSSE & Sustainability

Job Code : T20170700019
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Departement : Health Safety Security Environment & Sustainabilit
Type : Current Period

Job Purposes:

  • Provide direction and strategy, lead and manage HSSE & Sustainability in ensuring that relevant HSSE & Sustainability policies, standards, charters, process overviews, procedures and guidelines for each stage of company and projects activities are covered in line with national and international standards and best practices; and ensuring that all employees and relevant contractors are competent on HSSE & Sustainability matters; to ensure all HSSE & Sustainability risks are controlled to levels of ALARP.
  • Lead and manage all department function consist of occupational and community health, technical and personal safety, security and emergency response, environmental protection and preservation, and sustainability; sustainability covers all non-technical risks, including for land acquisition and related permit processes; integrate all HSSE & Sustainability resources and manage communication with Tokyo Head Quarters, Business Partners, SKK Migas, other Government Institutions both local and national; to ensure HSSE & Sustainability activities are executed in effective and efficient way to enable the smoothness of company and projects activities, and optimize synergy within department functions and personnel.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Lead in demonstrating commitment to HSSE & Sustainability issues, by showing active role model and communication to relevant personnel and stakeholders, to establish positive HSSE & Sustainability culture throughout INPEX Indonesia and its project.
  2. Lead and manage in establishing HSSE & Sustainability Management System including policies, standards, charters, process overviews, procedures, guidelines, and other documents that align with Tokyo Head Quarters’ relevant corporate policies, strategies, philosophies, objectives, procedures and guidelines, and are compatible to relevant international and Indonesian standards, to ensure HSSE & Sustainability governance in INPEX Indonesia and its projects.
  3. Lead and manage in developing, maintaining, updating HSSE & Sustainability objectives and programs in accordance with Tokyo Head Quarters corporate objectives and programs; manage their implementation in INPEX Indonesia and its projects, and monitor feedbacks and result, to ensure effective impact to HSSE & Sustainability performances in INPEX Indonesia and its projects.
  4. Lead and manage in establishing HSSE & Sustainability competence assurance system, planning and coordinating relevant HSSE & Sustainability training programs, to ensure competent personnel are in place throughout INPEX Indonesia and its projects.
  5. Lead and manage in identifying Indonesian and International HSSE & Sustainability laws, regulations, standards and other requirements applicable to INPEX Indonesia and its projects, ensuring these requirements are socialized, managed and complied.
  6. Lead and manage in demonstrating HSSE & Sustainability risk management by means of formal risk assessment and barrier management for all project operations, to ensure all HSSE & Sustainability risks are controlled to levels of ALARP.
  7. Lead and manage in conducting Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA - including AMDAL and IFC Compliance), planning and implementation of environmental and social action plans, to ensure applicable environmental and social permits are obtained, and relevant due diligence processes are successfully completed.
  8. Lead and manage in developing strategy for managing greenhouse gas (GHG) effect in line with Indonesian environmental laws and regulations and corporate standards.
  9. Lead and manage in acting as advisory teams to project teams through reviewing relevant HSSE & Sustainability plans and reports, visiting worksites and meeting project staffs or contractor staffs and discussing and solving HSSE & Sustainability issues arising at INPEX Indonesia project activities.
  10. Lead and manage in developing, maintaining, updating emergency response plans (ERPs) and business continuity plans (BCPs); manage their implementation in INPEX Indonesia and its projects through periodical exercises and drills.
  11. Lead and manage in monitoring, analyzing and reporting HSSE & Sustainability performance data; reporting and investigating HSSE & sustainability incidents; communicating them to INPEX Indonesia Management and relevant government authorities.
  12. Lead and manage in developing, conducting and closing-out HSSE & Sustainability audit programs; planning and conducting HSSE & Sustainability management reviews; to assure effective implementation of HSSE & Sustainability Management System throughout INPEX Indonesia and its projects.
  13. Lead and manage (in coordination with C&R Department) in assessing and implementing technical aspects of land acquisition (LA) process, forest permitting process (borrow to use), and other related matters in project site/s preparation activities in compliance with local, national and international standards (focuses on IFC performance standards). 

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Social Science, Science, Engineering, or studies related to Oil and Gas Industry.
  • A minimum of 20 years in the Oil and Gas Industry with the last 10 years in an HSSE management position.


All Engineering
Environmental Management
Environmental Engineering
Social and Politic Science
Safety & Health Engineering

Posting Date : 08 July 2017


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