Job Details

Sr. Manager – Communication & Relation

Job Code : T20181000021
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Departement : Communication & Relations
Type : Current Period

Job Purposes:

Provide direction, strategy, and tactics in managing and leading all department functions consist of Project Communication, External Relations, Public & Media Relations, Formalities & Operation Support, Social Performance, and Social Investment; integrate all Communication & Relations resources and manage communication with Government Institutions, Professional Associations, Mass Media, Universities, NGO/NPO, Local Communities, Tokyo Headquarters, etc. in order to ensure Communication & Relations activities are executed in effective and efficient way and optimize synergy within department functions and personnel. Designated spokesperson of INPEX and all other INPEX business entities in Indonesia.


Main Responsibilities:

  1. Provide direction and manage in formulating and developing Communication and Relations (C&R) goals and objectives, strategic and tactical planning, that consist of INPEX Indonesia reputation and image establishment, external and internal relations, corporate communication, project support related matters, social risk and social investment process, stakeholders engagement, communication and relations matters for field or production premise operations; control all running C&R programs and progress, evaluate effectiveness of C&R initiatives and programs implementation and potential risks; in order to ensure C&R strategic and tactical plan aligned with INPEX Indonesia business and strategy.
  2. Manage, provide direction and strategy to establish, improve and maintain INPEX Indonesia reputation and favorable image consisting of safeguarding and promoting strategic programs, media monitoring and analysis, media relations and management, advertorial placement, publication and promotion collaterals, external event management, crisis communication, etc.; lead and uphold C&R principles and Government rules and regulations related to Company publication as control system; in order to create good external relations that leverage Company reputation and image in public.
  3. Lead and manage corporate communication consisting internal communication relations, government and public relations, communications media utilization, corporate symbol utilization, scenario level of risks and each characteristic as a base of corporate communication preparation and plan; in order to ensure Government, Public, and internal stakeholders support to INPEX Indonesia activities.
  4. Lead and manage external relations including public and media relations consisting external communication plan and strategy development,  stakeholders mapping and analysis to Company activities, networking and relationship management, liaison services, advocacy planning and implementation, socio-economics and socio-political analysis; in order to create and maintain harmonized and valuable relation among parties and external stakeholders support to INPEX Indonesia activities. Function as designated spokesperson of INPEX , towards local, national, and international media.
  5. Manage projects support related matters consisting of permits liaison, community socialization, land acquisition, securing/assuring non-technical permits including required standards, assistance to technical permits/license processing and social license, claim and protest management, issues updated and management, hearing with local and national representative groups; in order to ensure Company projects activities comply to the prevailing rules and regulations and local stakeholders acceptance on Company projects activities.
  6. Provide direction and strategy, and manage social risk and social investment process and stakeholders engagement consisting of stakeholders perception assessment, stakeholders need assessment and planning, multi-stakeholders engagement, community empowerment and development, partnership and relations management; in order to minimize or mitigate unpredictable social risk and optimize stakeholders support to INPEX Indonesia existence and operations.
  7. Manage communication and relations matters for field or production premise operations consisting of production premise government and social relations building, local and/or regional stakeholders engagement and social investment, local permits and/or license processing, and local formality issue handling. 


Job Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in any discipline
  • A minimum of 20 years working experiences


Surveying Sciences
Social and Politic Science
Environmental Management
Business Communication
Sumber Daya Alam & Lingkungan
Environmental Engineering
Public Relation

Posting Date : 03 October 2018


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