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Specialist - Account Payable

Job Code : T20170700016
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Departement : Finance
Type : Current Period

Job Purposes:

Conduct accounting process for financial transactions, verify received invoice and accrual data and its supporting document completeness and conduct invoice registration into system; monitor outstanding balance and coordinate settlement of financial transactions; to ensure accounting process meet Company policy and procedures and accounting standards (PSAK and GAAP) with proper quality, effectiveness and timeliness; to propose accounting policy (cost code, cost objects, chart of account, etc.) implementation and improvement and provide recommendations to other department related to cost code, cost objects, etc., coordinate and monitor outstanding balance settlement and monthly and yearly financial closing; to ensure valid and updated accounting records in the system and the records meet SKK Migas rules and regulations, Company policy and procedures, and Joint Ventures and/or Partners agreement.


Main Responsibilities:

  1. Create financial transactions including accrual and record into general ledger/accounting system; coordinate with related department and relevant parties for document and supporting document completeness; to ensure all financial transactions are recorded in accounting system in line with accounting standard, and agreement with Joint Ventures and/or Partners.
  2. Verify received invoice and accrual data, data entry into accounting system, and approval status; verify documents completeness and the invoice values based on agreement, purchase order (PO), service order (SO),, conduct invoice registration process and distribute the documents to the relevant parties for payment approval; coordinate and monitor approval status and update data in the system; to ensure valid invoice record in the accounting system in line with Company policy and procedures.
  3. Verify Account Payables (A/P) and Account Receivables (A/R) entry against Payment Request and supporting documents and provide recommendations of accounting code, cost object, etc. to the owner department; to ensure valid cost coding implementation in line with accounting standard.
  4. Monitor outstanding balance such as A/P, A/R, and Advance, coordinate with the related parties to be settled, in order to minimize outstanding balance status, and settlement of financial transactions comply with Company policy and procedures.
  5. Support monthly financial closing and review and monitor data cut-off; to ensure financial transaction data closing in line with Company policy and procedures and accounting standard.

Job Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in Finance, Accounting, or Economics
  • 2 – 10 years experiences in relevant area


  • Brevet A and preferable Brevet B holder


Finance & Accounting

Posting Date : 08 July 2017


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