Job Details

Manager - Government Relations & Advocacy

Job Code : T20181000022
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Departement : Communication & Relations
Type : Current Period

Job Purposes:

Responsible for leading and managing Inpex ’s development of positive and constructive relationships and communication with Government of Indonesia and other external stakeholders with the objectives of creating favorable external environment for Company to operate without operations and projects delays. Manage and lead the team in developing Governmental Relations and Advocacy strategy and plan, in mapping stakeholders and defining major impact of stakeholders as a base of creating harmonized and valuable relation among parties in securing project/operation area; permitting and operations support to ensure government and other external stakeholders support to INPEX Indonesia project activities. Monitor and review interpretation of local and region Government of Indonesia rules and regulations and list of regulatory compliance/required permits; manage the team to propose permits including their supporting document to each Government Institution.



  • Bachelor degree in any discipline

  • A minimum of 15 years work experiences


Business Communication
Public Relation

Posting Date : 03 October 2018


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