Job Details

Manager - Contract & Procurement

Job Code : T20181000019
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Departement : Supply Chain Management
Type : Current Period

Job Purpose

Lead, plan  manage, monitor and control goods and services procurement, strategic procurement and development, and operation support to fulfill project needs, including bidding management which shall  ensure  all goods and services procurement process are appropriate  and comply with prevailing regulations, international good practices, Company policy and procedures; implement Vendor Management and Local Content Monitoring.


Main Responsibilities

  • Responsible for preparing of annual Procurement Listwith regards to procurement plans, procurement strategy, budget availability, procurement schedule, and Local Content requirement in line with the project baseline development plan; Discuss the Procurement List with SKK Migas during the WP&B discussion and obtainthe Procurement List approval from INPEX Management, JV Partners and SKK Migas; Provide Procurement List Guideline.

  • Manage goods and services procurement in effective and efficient manner in compliance with prevailing regulations, international good practice, Company policy and Company procedures.

  • Responsible for setting up, maintenance and improvement of procurement process, including procurement procedures and guidelines and provide advices in the field of procurements processes, system, and procedures to the Management and all departments on procurement matters to ensure all procurement process complies with the prevailing Indonesian regulations, SKK Migas, international good practices and Company policy and procedures.

  • Implement Vendor Performance Management supported by reliable database system which align with Company’s ERP system, such activities include vendor registration, vendor utilization and performance, Vendor reward and sanction.

  • Implement Local Content Assessment and Monitoring, and apply sanction to Contractors who are unable to achieve Local Content Commitment.

  • Manage and ensure timely reporting to Management and stake holders, including SKK Migas and business partners; Responsible for KPIs as assessed by SKKMigas.

  • Manage SCM formalities which include obtaining import and export licenses for Company and import permits for goods and equipment imported by Company.


Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree

  • A minimum of 15 years with at least 12 years in Procurement in the Oil and Gas industry

  • Certification:

    • PTK007 from SKK MIGAS


Engineering - Industrial

Posting Date : 03 October 2018


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