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Head - LNG Plant

Job Code : T20170700020
Education Level : S1 / Bachelor Degree
Departement : Front End Engineering
Type : Current Period

Job Purposes:

  • Manage and Deliver Onshore LNG Plant Pre-FEED with alignment with Sunsurface, Drilling, FPSO, SURF and Gas Export Pipeline.
  • Manage the team to identify and define Masela Block field development options and concepts, to develop Onshore LNG facilities Pre-FEED of Masela block, and to submit plan of development (POD) within the timeframe;
  • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate Onshore LNG project execution with pay attention on HSSE matters, rules and regulations, and project progress achieved; in order to ensure Onshore LNG project progress meet plan and target according to agreed contract and developed engineering design match to the Masela block characteristics.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Review and evaluate INPEX Indonesia project strategic planning for Masela Block, manage and lead the team to identify and define Masela block field development options and concepts, and Onshore LNG plant Pre-FEED which include interface and integration of engineering design of SURF, FPSO and Pipeline; in order to ensure Onshore LNG plant Pre-FEED meet engineering principles, standard and quality, and comply with rules and regulations and HSSE requirements.
  2. In coordination with related departments/groups, manage the team to submit Plan of Development (POD) related to Onshore plant development project plan in Masela block to SKK Migas as well as POD revision which include supporting documents and INPEX Management approvals; provide strategy to expedite POD approval process from INPEX Indonesia Management and SKK Migas, act as focal point related to Onshore LNG plant project coordination with SKK Migas; monitor and review POD approval status, solve any issues and/or arisen problems; in order to ensure POD submission and approval within the timeframe.
  3. Manage in providing technical inputs and technical evaluation in tenders related to Onshore LNG plant development project, provide technical advice in Onshore LNG plant project contract preparation and evaluate terms and conditions.
  4. Manage the team in monitoring Consultants/Contractors’ work in developing Onshore LNG plant Pre-FEED with pay attention on HSSE matters, rules and regulations compliance, engineering philosophy, engineering standards, economic and financial perspectives, best practices, and others; review, evaluate, and control Pre-FEED project progress, budget expenditures, project schedule, etc. related to Onshore LNG plant engineering, solve any issues and/or arisen problems; in order to ensure Onshore LNG plant Pre-FEED project progress achieve the target and match to the Masela Block characteristics.
  5. Review, monitor and update overall Onshore LNG plant capital expenditures (CAPEX) and project schedule as an input to POD and project economics calculation; to ensure complete and accurate overall Onshore LNG plant CAPEX and project schedule submission during Pre-FEED within timeline.
  6. Manage any change occurrence in Onshore LNG plant Pre-FEED, implementation of MOC policy and procedures, relevant documentations, and records as tracking system; monitor interface communication among related Parties, issues, and potential risks; to ensure interface management of each arisen change in Onshore LNG plant Pre-FEED project is implemented properly within the timelines, and minimize unpredictable change impact to overall project schedule and cost.
  7. Manage the team to select and conduct Onshore LNG plant study and research, monitor the study and research result and submit the report to the related Parties. 

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or Technical Sciences -  Advanced degree in the above is preferable.
  • Minimum 10 years in upstream Oil and Gas Industry Management. Onshore LNG engineering experiences are required.



All Engineering

Posting Date : 08 July 2017


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