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INPEX is currently carrying out oil and natural gas project through its group companies involved in more than 70 projects across more than 25 countries, including large scale LNG projects in Indonesia. While holding upstream business as the core, INPEX aims to become a company which provides diversified forms of energy, including development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources and new energies.

INPEX Projects in Indonesia


Abadi LNG Project
Interest Owned: 65% - Operator

INPEX  acquired 100% participating interest in the Masela block in 1998 through a public tender conducted by the Indonesian Government. The Abadi-1 exploration well was drilled in 2000, and confirmed the reserve of gas and condensate. Subsequent six appraisals wells were drilled and confirmed the natural gas reserves which is suficient for the large-scale LNG development. In December 2010, the Indonesian Government approved the plan of development that the Abadi field will be developed in phases and Floating LNG plant will be constructed and utilized for an annual LNG production of 2.5 million tonnes for the first phase development. In addition to the ongoing environmental and social impact assessment, INPEX is currently proceed to the front-end engineering and design (FEED) in the lead up  to the development of the Abadi LNG project and scheduled to be completed in 2014.


Babar Selaru Project
Interest Owned: 85% - Operator

INPEX has been granted the approval of the Indonesian Government to acquire the Babar Selaru Block in November 2011.

The Block is located 100km southwest of the Saumlaki City in Tanimbar Islands, covers 8,170km2 with a water depth ranging from 200m to 2000m, and approximately 60km northwest of the Abadi gas field in the Masela Block, Arafura sea, Maluku.


Offshore Mahakam Block & Attaka
Interest Owned: 50%

One of INPEX’s major projects. INPEX entered into a production sharing contract (PSC) with the Indonesian Government in October 1966, at that time acquiring a 100% participating interest in the Offshore Mahakam Block. The Attaka Unit was established in April 1970 through the unitization of part of the adjacent blocks owned by INPEX and Unocal (now Chevron), with each company taking a 50% interest. Production of crude oil and natural gas began in 1972. INPEX farmed out a 50% participating interest in the Offshore Mahakam Block to CFP (now TOTAL) in July 1970. This venture subsequently made a series of discoveries in the Bekapai (oil), Handil (oil), Tambora (oil and gas), Tunu (gas), Peciko (gas), Sisi and Nubi (gas) fields, each of which has continued to produce crude oil and natural gas. The natural gas produced is mainly supplied to Bontang LNG plant, one of the world’s largest liquefaction plants producing more than 16 million tonnes of LNG per annum.


South Natuna Sea Block B
Interest Owned: 35%

In July 1977, INPEX acquired a 17.5% participating interest in the South Natuna Sea Block B. Later, in January 1994, INPEX increased its total participating interest in the block to 35% with the purchase of an additional 17.5% interest. Crude oil production began in 1979, and supplies of natural gas to Singapore via Indonesia's first international pipeline commenced in 2001. Additional deliveries of natural gas from this pipeline to Malaysia started in 2002. These supply milestones contributed to the extension of the PSC covering the block until 2028.
Production operations in the Belanak oil and gas field, began in December 2004, with LPG production commencing in April 2007. The Hiu and Kerisi fields came onstream in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Gas production commenced at the North Belut Field in November 2009 and at the Bawal Gas Field in July 2012.


Tangguh LNG Project (Berau Block)
Interest Owned: MI Berau B.V, a joint venture established by INPEX (44%) and Mitsubishi Corporation (56%) (22.856 % Berau, Tangguh Unit 16.3%

MI Berau B.V., acquired in October 2001 an interest of around 22.9% in the Berau Block. MI Berau owns a 16.3% participating interest (including an interest held by INPEX of about 7.17%) in the Tangguh LNG Project, which has been set among the parties of the Berau Block and the adjoining Wiriagar and Muturi blocks. MI Berau Japan Ltd., a joint venture between INPEX (44%) and Mitsubishi Corporation (56%), also acquired approximately 16.5% of the issued and outstanding shares of KG Berau Petroleum Ltd. in October 2007, bringing INPEX's total interest in the project up to approximately 7.79%.
In March 2005, the Indonesian Government approved a development plan for the Tangguh LNG Project and an extension of the PSC until 2035. Development was then conducted, leading to shipments of LNG in July 2009.


West Sebuku Block
Interest Owned: 24.5%

INPEX was successful in the 2012 Petroleum Licensing Round in Indonesia and awarded the West Sebuku Block (the Block) jointly with Mubadala Petroleum (Mubadala). INPEX and Mubadala will further negotiate with the Indonesian Government to conclude the terms and conditions of the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for the Block. The partners anticipate concluding detailed terms of the PSC for the Block in the near future.
The Block is located 300km south of the Offshore Mahakam Block, and covers 4,933km2 with a water depth ranging from 40m to 1,400m.Exploration activities including three-dimensional seismic work will be conducted.


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