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INPEX is currently carrying out oil and natural gas project through its group companies involved in more than 70 projects across more than 20 countries, including large scale LNG projects in Indonesia. While holding upstream business as the core, INPEX aims to become a company which provides diversified forms of energy, including development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources and new energies.

INPEX Projects in Indonesia


Abadi LNG Project
Interest Owned: INPEX 65% (Operator), Shell 35%

The Masela Block (Abadi LNG Project) is located in the Arafura Sea in the eastern part of Indonesia and covers an area of 3,221km where the water depth is 300-1,000m. As Operator, INPEX acquired a 100% interest in the block in 1998, and discovered the Abadi Gas Field at the Abadi-1 exploration well drilled in 2000. In September 2015, as a result of a greater volume of natural gas reserves being confirmed, the company submitted a revised plan of development envisioning the deployment of a Floating LNG (FLNG) with a processing capacity of 7.5 million tons per annum (mtpa), up from 2.5 mtpa in the 2010 POD-1. INPEX received a notification from Indonesian government authorities in April 2016 instructing to re-propose a plan of development based on onshore LNG. The company continues to aim for the early start-up of development in the most economically and technically rational way.


Babar Selaru Project
Interest Owned: INPEX 85% (Operator), Pertamina 15%

Babar Selaru Block is located 100km southwest of Saumlaki in the Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia, and covers an area of about 5,710km2 where the water depth is 200m-2,000m. As Operator, INPEX acquired the block in 2011. Currently, exploration work is being undertaken.


Offshore Mahakam Block
Interest Owned: Total 50%(Operator), INPEX50%

Offshore Mahakam Block is located off the eastern coast of Kalimantan, Indonesia. INPEX acquired a participating interest in the block in 1966 and started production of oil and natural gas in 1974. The block currently  produces 53,000bbl/d of crude oil, 1,176MMscf/d* of natural gas, and 11,000bbl/d of LPG (average rate for Mar. 2017). The crude oil and natural gas produced from the block are shipped mainly to oil refineries and power companies in Japan by tanker from the Santan and Senipah terminals. Most of the natural gas is supplied to the Bontang LNG Plant, and then shipped as LNG to customers in Japan and other countries.
Currently, INPEX, alongisde Total, is conducting negotiations with Indonesian authorities with the goal of further extending the terms of the existing production sharing contract beyond 2017, when the current contract is due to expire.
(*The natural gas production volume corresponds to the volume sold to buyers, and not the volume at wellheads)


Attaka Unit
Interest Owned: Chevron 50% (Operator), INPEX 50%

Attaka Unit is located offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The area was established in April 1970 for the purpose of developing the Attaka formation discovered in 1968 through the unitization of portions of blocks owned by INPEX and Chevron, with each company taking a 50% interest. The Attaka Field started production of crude oil and natural gas in 1972.


Tangguh LNG Project (Berau Block)
Interest Owned: BP 37.16% (Operator), MI Berau B.V. 16.3%, CNOOC 13.9%, Nippon Oil Exploration(Berau) 12.23%, KG Berau·KG Wiriagar 10.0%, LNG Japan 7.35%, Talisman 3.06%

The Tangguh LNG Project is located in the area extending offshore Bintuni Bay to Berau Bay near West Papua, Indonesia. INPEX and Mitsubishi Corporation jointly established MI Berau B.V. and acquired a participating interest in Berau Block in October 2001. The Indonesian Government approved an extension of the production sharing contract and project development plans for the Tangguh LNG Project until 2035. Development work commenced thereafter, and shipments of LNG began in July 2009. The project currently produces 6,000bbl/d of crude oil and 1,048MMscf/d* of natural gas (average rate for Mar. 2017). (*The natural gas production volume corresponds to the volume sold to buyers, and not the volume at wellheads) In July 2016, the Tangguh Production Sharing Contract Partners approved the final investment decision (FID) to advance the development of the Tangguh Expansion project. This project will add a third LNG process train (Train 3) with 3.8 million tons per annum of production capacity to the existing facility (two trains with 7.6 mtpa of production capacity). The commencement of production is expected in 2020.


West Sebuku Block
Interest Owned: Mubadala 75.5% (Operator), INPEX 24.5%

West Sebuku Block is located 300km south of Offshore Mahakam Block, and covers an area of approximately 4,933km2 where the water depth is 40m-1,400m. The block was acquired in 2013. Currently, exploration work is being undertaken.


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